Deanston Whisky Guru 2022

Are you passionate about all things whisky, with a bold and industrious spirit? Do you love to share your whisky knowledge with your colleagues and customers, but dare to do things a bit differently? Or do you know someone that inspires you when it comes to whisky, with their hard work, optimism and authenticity?

Some people don’t like change. Keeping things just as they are. Comfortable. Good enough. Not us. We see things differently – we see change as opportunity. A chance to kick open the doors, rebel and make whisky that’s never dull.

Yes, we’re not your average dram – because who wants to be average?

When in 1965, Adelphi cotton mill (est.1785) of Deanston town closed for good, it seemed the community’s days of trading were over. Enter Brodie Hepburn and his entrepreneurial partners. Seeing potential, they identified a new use for the building, lade, and weaving Shed. And so, in 1966, Deanston Distillery opened for business.

We only use high quality ingredients sourced from local farms to craft our unique whisky. Expertly combined, they make Deanston a distinctively waxy, soft & smooth highland malt.

This category, ‘Whisky Guru of the Year’, is for people who not only have a great knowledge of whisky but are bold and fearless educators and advocates, with a real passion for craft. It is open to all on-trade employees or employers whether in the bar, pub, restaurant or hotel industry.


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