The Busker Innovative Cocktail Bar of the Year

The Busker is an innovative ‘new to the world’ Irish Whiskey which is seeking out Scotland’s most innovative Cocktail Bar.

Born out of modern Ireland and fusing the bold, contemporary and traditional, The Busker is set to disrupt the Irish whiskey category with its four types of Irish whiskeys – Single Grain, Single Pot Still, Single Malt and Blend.

The Busker Blend (Triple Cask Triple Smooth) combines the Single Grain with a high percentage of the Single Malt and Single Pot whiskeys. Matured and finished in three different casks (Bourbon, Sherry, Marsala), this innovative process brings out an unique smoothness and intense flavour within the spirit.

The Busker Single Collection, represented by the three traditional Irish whiskeys (Single Grain, Single Pot Still and Single Malt), is produced under one roof, each boasting an unmistakable taste profile, with nuances ranging from vanilla and oak, to rich spicy notes.
The Busker is distilled on an 18th Century estate in the Ancient East region of County Carlow at the world class Royal Oak Distillery. A major point of differentiation for The Busker takes place during the aging process, where the “Triple Cask Triple Smooth” blend and Single Grain expression matures in authentic, Cantine Florio (1833) Sicilian Marsala wine casks.

It is looking for a bar which marries traditions with a contemporary look and which empowers bartenders to go beyond their limitations and create flavour-curious (great) cocktails.

Do you know a cocktail bar that has this story to tell, or are you one? If so enter now… all bars will be mystery shopped and bartenders will be asked to mix up a new Busker cocktail.


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